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I like going into town and wandering around for photo opportunities.

I always travel in by train from Donabate then take either one or two Luas trips depending on whether I choose for Northside, Southside or the relatively unexplored ‘Westies’ (the Phoenix Park+outwards).

I use my dSLR with it’s 200m/m telephoto lens as I can distance myself a little from unexpecting people when the opportunity occurs to snap; discretion is needed on pavements, streets and other outdoor venues so the proposed subjects don’t take offence or spoil my intended snap.

My 200 m/m Nikon lens has VR (vibration reduction) and MA (auto focus) which are both switched on to assist me; the aperture is usually set at 3.5 which is the widest for this lens so I can have a narrow depth of field, I can reset this for other longer shots. ISO is usually 100 to 200.

People aren’t always photographed as I look at scenes, unusual shop fronts, old, shut down premises, people doing tasks, etc.

Wandering around for say 2 hours on a circuit is good exercise, an incentive to find good coffee watering holes and to get away from my home area to plan on the practice of ‘making a picture’ which is one of the important themes suggested during our TTL club meetings.

Our tourists are good subjects to watch and photograph as they are open, looking for similar scenes as I am, also they don’t mind being photographed. Grafton St. area is a great place for snapping as it’s full of variety, also the Luas stops quite nearby!

Two people can easily take part on a street photo safari, three can be a bit trying as it’s harder to keep roughly together; any more than three, it’s better to split up and meet at a designated time and coffee den.

Remember, only 10 or 15% of all the snaps taken are worth a second look so take plenty as they are free, even eye features and interesting facial expressions can be caught accidentally by multiple snapping.

Personally, I don’t change lenses when I’m out snapping unless it’s done in a premises with care; obviously when I take off the telephoto and put in my normal 18 to 70 m/m lens, I then encounter a perfect sneaky shot which I may not be to not take.

Street photography maybe isn’t the choice for everyone but it gets me out and I see buildings and places which I then note for a later photo safari.


Joe Pryme

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