• train in donabate train station
    "Photography has just two controls:
    Where you stand and when you press the button."
    -David Hurn, Magnum-
  • Snowing day
    "Great photography is about depth of feeling,
    -Peter Adams-
    not depth of field."
  • people crossing the street
    "Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others."
    -Jonathan Swift-
  • two little girls playing in the wood
    "The best camera is the one you have with you."
    -Chase Jarvis-
  • horses on the sunny morning beach
    "Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst."
    -Henri Cartier-Bresson-
  • seal on the beach
    "Don't shoot what it looks like.
    Shoot what it feels like."
    -David Alan Harvey-
  • grannies having a chat while knitting
    "You don't take a photograph, you make it."
    -Ansel Adams-
  • teenagers at a theme park in ireland
    "Which of my photographs is my favourite?
    The one I'm going to take tomorow."
    -Imogen Cunningham-
  • merry go round in action in ireland
    "If your photographs aren't good enough
    you're not close enough.”
    -Robert Capa-
  • merry go round in action at a theme park in ireland
    "I never have taken a picture I've intended.
    They're always better or worse."
    -Diane Arbus-

Photo Task: 22nd March to 23rd April

Spring is in the Air

All the submissions are now in. Have a peek in the Members’ Photo Tasks section (here). Results expected on 10th May.

New Photo Task: 24th April to 9th May

Your Best Shot(s)

That’s a   w–i–d–e   brief if ever there was one. Enjoy our recent freedoms and explore for new scenes or revisit some of your older ones – opportunities for us all to contribute.

Upcoming Photo Task: Date to be announced

Black and White

Photo Task Results: 8th to 21st March

Abstract +++ UPDATED +++ results are in.








Photo Task Results: 22nd February to 7th March

Time for reflection …


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